How Do I Get One?

Step 1

Contact A Counselor

Talk to your school’s guidance counselor, your college’s career advisor, or a Dream It! Do It! Tennessee career advisor to find out more information on available training resources and scholarships.
Step 2

Complete Training

You can complete training in as little as 12 months! Tennessee offers the following programs: 12–18 months, two-year degree, and four-year degree. Training time varies depending on your desired career path.

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Tennessee College of Applied Technology – Chattanooga
Step 3

Begin Your Career

Many advanced manufacturing training programs have 100% job placement in the state of Tennessee! Most manufacturers begin as a paid apprentice and move on to journeyman in 18 months.

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Beginning with the Class of 2015, students in Tennessee may apply for the Tennessee Promise scholarship, which will provide two years tuition-free education at a community college or technical school in Tennessee.

Find a mentor and make your post-secondary dream, a reality!